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Northmoor Emergency Plan


The Parish of Northmoor is situated close to the River Thames within its flood plain and under the flight path of aircraft from RAF Brize Norton.
The Emergency Plan provides a framework for managing a major incident that may threaten the safety and welfare of the community, both residential and employed, livestock and property.

In this context the community is the area covered by the Parish of Northmoor.

The plan details the framework of the local response to a major emergency incident.
That incident could be

Environmental: - Storm damage (to homes, utility services of electricity supply or water) flooding, or a chemical/biological incident.

Major accident: from road, air or fire

  • Set up an Emergency Response Team
  • Identify risks to the community and take action to mitigate them
  • Identify resources available to the community.
  • Identify vulnerable people within the community and plan how to protect them
  • Provide contact details of the Emergency Response Team, Emergency Services and Local Authority

The Emergency Plan can be found by following this link: Emergency Plan
(please note that due to GDPR, contact details have been removed for each person until we have obtained their permission)
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