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Picture of River Thames from Northmoor Lock

Picture of River Thames from Northmoor Lock

River Thames with large trees on bank and campsite on far bank

Northmoor Community Survey

In 2023 Northmoor Parish Council supported a Community Survey, which gave residents the opportunity to express their opinions about issues relating to current life in the parish and to explore ideas for the future.

The Survey was distributed to all households in the parish of Northmoor (including the hamlets of Bablock Hythe and Moreton, as well as the Park Farm development). The Survey results will be used to identify key ideas and projects with the aim of developing a Community-Led Plan.

Results of the 2023 Community Survey can be found here.

Previous Plans:

A copy of the 2014 Plan can be found here.

A copy of the 1990 ‘Village Appraisal’ and results can be found here.


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