Picture of River Thames from Northmoor Lock

Picture of River Thames from Northmoor Lock

River Thames with large trees on bank and campsite on far bank

Northmoor Village Plan

In 2012 Northmoor Parish Council supported the development of a Community-Led Village Plan for the Northmoor Parish, which includes the hamlets of Bablockhythe and Moreton.

The plan looked ahead to what the community wanted the village to be like in 5 -10 years time.


Every household in the community was encouraged to complete a survey to learn what was required in the future and the collected data was  analyzed.


Information about the survey can be found here.


The plan was then written, based on the received data and a copy distributed to every household in the community. Action groups were set up by the Parish Council to deliver the objectives detailed in the plan.


A copy of the Plan can be found here.

From time to time the Parish Council reviews the plan to monitor progress against the objectives set.

Historic Note: Twenty six years ago, back in 1990 when technology was so very different from today, every household in the parish was asked to complete a "Village Appraisal". The appraisal and the results can be found here:


1990 Village Appraisal and Results