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Upcoming Road Closures

T13900 Northmoor to Standlake Road at Clacks Bridge

Structural repair works to Clacks Bridge deck which is due to start 

on 24 July 2024 anticipated to be completed on 2 September 2024.
You can find the notice here

And the plan here

A Plea from Local Farmers 
With the lighter evenings and the weather beginning to warm up people naturally want to get out into the countryside and enjoy the outdoors. There are lots of Public Rights of Way, both Footpaths and Bridleways in your area. Please stick to them for your own safety and keep dogs under close control, preferably on a lead, especially round livestock, ground nesting birds and other wildlife. Please don’t leave litter and dog mess. Get an O/S Landranger map, so you know where the rights of way are and make yourself aware of the Countryside Code (you can download both onto your mobile). Protect the Environment, enjoy the Countryside and respect those who live and work in it.

Thank you.    Stanton Harcourt and Northmoor Farmers Group.

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