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The Eynsham Partnership Academy

Local Primary and Secondary State Schools
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The Eynsham Partnership Academy (EPA) was formed on 1 May 2014 and is made up of seven schools, one secondary and six primary, serving a community of approximately 2400 pupils in rural West Oxfordshire. These schools are: Bartholomew School (community secondary), Eynsham Community Primary School (community primary), St Peter’s CofE Primary School ( CofE VA), Freeland CofE Primary School ( CofE VC), Hanborough Manor CofE Primary School (CofE VC), Standlake CofE Primary School (CofE VC), and Stanton Harcourt CofE Primary School ( CofE VC).

Hence, the EPA covers all the schools that were formerly part of the Eynsham Partnership within Oxon LA based on Bartholomew School and its six main catchment feeder primary schools. They had a long history of working well together in loose partnership as Oxfordshire County Council schools.

For more information on each of these schools please visit the EPA website.

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